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PATTAYA PRIDE 2010: Chairmanís Report

On behalf of the Pattaya Pride Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to the 2010 Annual General Meeting. It has been my honour to serve as Chairman for the first time in this our tenth year.

We expected that 2010 would be a very difficult year for the Pattaya Prideís fundraising activities and unfortunately we were right. In fact we experienced the lowest level of fund raising since the festivals inception in 2001.

In order to hopefully increase the number of participants who could hold fundraising activities, it was decided to continue to eliminate the member fees and replace this with wholly voluntary advertising on the PP web site, leaving it open to anyone who wanted to hold a fundraising function for the PP to do so without having to have paid a membership.

We would like to give special recognition and thanks to Dame Ruby ( also known as Ron Weston), Archie Dunlop, Neil Bernard, Dennis Dewsnap and of course James and Lazlo whose generosity helped us greatly in a very poor fundraising year. This year we also received a very generous donation from
Mr Mel Hiefest of Phillidelphia USA, which also helped boost the PP coffers.

Heartt 2000 was the main beneficiary during 2010, receiving 2.3million Baht, which was B700,000 more than last year. Throughout 2010 most months the donation to Heartt 2000 was B250,000 per month. PP had hoped that as the price of drugs has fallen and the Thai Government has substantially improved coverage to new and existing patients, the financial burden on PP would ease. This unfortunately was not the case.

In the past two years PP has raised an average net income available for donations of B150,000 per month so this level of support to Heartt 2000 is not sustainable and the 2011 Committee will have to address this problem and act accordingly. Action must be taken to protect the long-term future of charitable support.

In conclusion, let me thank all the PP supporters, committee members, visitors and Pattaya residents for their support and contributions throughout the year. Without you we would not have been able to reach and help all of the people that the charities we support have helped through the year.

Thank you,
Jim Lumsden (Chairman 2010)


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