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Bank donations for Pattaya Pride
Account: PGF account
Account name: Pattaya Gay Festival
Account Number: 227-1-44348-2
Swift Code: KRTHTHBK

Krung Thai Bank Public Company Ltd.,
Pattaya Klang Rd.,
209 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Rd.,
Pattaya City, 20260

Please mark Donation for PGF, an email confirming your transfer would help our Treasurer. Thank you!

INVITATION to be part of your Pattaya Pride 2011

We expected that 2010 would be a very difficult year for the Pattaya Pride’s fundraising activities and unfortunately we were right. In fact we experienced the lowest level of fund raising since the festivals inception in 2001.

NOW, more than ever, we need YOUR support to continue the good work.

In 2009, in anticipation of difficult times ahead, we changed the membership scheme to replace it with voluntary advertising on the Pattaya Pride website. At the same time the actual cost for members/advertisers was reduced. We have decided to continue this through 2011 and for as little as 5,000 Thai Baht (170 USD) you can advertise on our website complete with a link to your own website.


We are always happy to hear of events being held in aid of Pattaya Pride. Your event can be held at any time of year and we would appreciate the following:

1. Prior notification of the date and type of event to Pattaya Pride to ensure that there are no competing or conflicting events.

2. Monies received for Pattaya Pride must be paid to the Pattaya Pride treasurer within 7 days of the event

3. All publicity should include the phrase “proceeds in support of Pattaya Pride charities”. The Pattaya Pride logo can be used in such advertising and we ask that the Pattaya Pride website is also shown "".

Please note that the Pattaya Pride logo CANNOT be used for any purpose other than fund raising for the Pattaya Pride or advertising events to raise funds for Pattaya Pride.


When arranging your event contact either Jim Lumsden (081 910 0015) or Glen Campbell (085 805 7003) who are this year's event co-ordinators


Jim Lumsden (Chairman & Events), John Nichol (Treasurer), Mike Walsh (Secretary), Glen Campbell (Assist Events) Peter Storrow (Advertising sponsorship), Graham Anderson (Press & Promotion and Webmaster)


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Pattaya Pride Supporters